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Face aesthetic dermatologist society is an organization that connects the best and experienced aesthetic surgeons and dermatologists to young fellow practitioners. Our past endeavour and hands-on workshop conference have been a massive success with expert dermatologists across the country.

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Dr. Shifa Yadav
( Regd: FALM001DS)

Dr. Sonali Langar
( Regd: FALM002DS)

Dr. Reena Sharma
( Regd: FALM003DS)

Dr. Sakshi Shirvastava
( Regd: FALM004DS)

Dr. T A Rana
( Regd: FALM005DS)

Dr. Sidharth Santholia
( Regd: FALM006DS)

Dr. Anju Jha
( Regd: FALM007DS)

Dr. Monica Bambroo
( Regd: FALM008DS)

Dr. Bhavuk Mittal
( Regd: FALM009DS)

DR. Kritika Pandey
( Regd: FALM010DS)

DR. Jyotirmay Bharti
( Regd: FALM011DS)

DR. Nirupama Pushkarna
( Regd: FALM012DS)

Dr. Anish Kumar Rai
( Regd: FALM013DS)

Dr. Rajiv Jain
( Regd: FALM014DS)

Dr. Gunjan Gupta
( Regd: FALM015DS)

Dr. Bincy Varghese
( Regd: FALM016DS)

Dr. Sunita Shelke
( Regd: FALM017DS)

Dr. Alia Rizvi
( Regd: FALM018DS)

Dr. Pradeep Kumar
( Regd: FALM019DS)

Dr. Ramanjeet Singh
( Regd: FALM020DS)

Dr. S.N.Bhattacharya
( Regd: FALM021DS)

Dr. Manisha Nijhawan
( Regd: FALM022DS)

Dr. Shivi Nijhawan
( Regd: FALM023DS)

Dr. Sanjeev Gulati
( Regd: FALM024DS)

Dr. Karan Dhir
( Regd: FALM025DS)

Dr. Shailly Kapoor
( Regd: FALM026DS)

Dr. Atula Gupta
( Regd: FALM027DS )

Dr. Ranju Chawla
( Regd: FALM028DS)

Dr. Pihu Sethi
( Regd: FALM029DS)

Dr. Rahul Arora
( Regd: FALM030DS)

Dr. Satish Titoria
( Regd: FALM031DS)

Dr. Megha Modi
( Regd: FALM032DS)

Dr. Vanya Narayan
( Regd: FALM033DS)

Dr. Jaishree Noor
( Regd: FALM034DS )

Dr. Sanjay Kanodia
( Regd: FALM035DS )

Dr. Astha Kanwar
( Regd: FALM036DS )

Dr. Abhishek Omcheerry
( Regd: FALM037DS)

Dr. Rashmi Sarkar
( Regd: FALM038DS)

Dr. Dinesh Mathur
( Regd: FALM039DS)

Dr. Kalpana Solanki
( Regd: FALM040DS)

Dr. Sangeeta Verma
( Regd: FALM041DS)

Dr. Vibhu Mehdiratta
( Regd: FALM042DS)

Dr. Atul Mohan Kochhar
( Regd: FALM043DS)

Dr. Sandesh Gupta
( Regd: FALM044DS)

Dr. Pallavi Ahlawadi
( Regd: FALM045DS)

Dr. Latika Arya
( Regd: FALM046DS)

DR. Ishad Agarwal
( Regd: FALM047DS)

DR. Rachna Fadia
( Regd: FALM048DS)

DR. A.L.Das
( Regd: FALM049DS)

DR. Shikhar Ganjoo
( Regd: FALM050DS)

DR. H.K.Kar
( Regd: FALM051DS)

DR. Kaushal Verma
( Regd: FALM052DS)

DR. Geraldine Jain
( Regd: FALM053DS)

DR. Yasmeen Bhatt
( Regd: FALM054DS)

DR. Ram Gulati
( Regd: FALM055DS)

DR.Pallavi dhankar
( Regd: FALM056DS)

DR. Rachna Singh
( Regd: FALM057DS)

DR.Deepti Saxena
( Regd: FALM058DS)

DR. Pallavi C Rohtagi
( Regd: FALM059DS)

DR.Ranganath Vjwda
( Regd: FALM0175DS)

DR. Nidhi Kamra
( Regd: FALM061DS)

DR. Mizaj
( Regd: FALM062DS)

DR. Dattatray Surjmal Somawar
( Regd: FALM063DS)

Dr. Shadab Dai
( Regd: FALM0162DS)

Dr. Mizaj
( Regd: FLAM0161DS)

Dr. Rangnatha Vijawda
( Regd: FLAM0175DS)

Dr. Ankur Updhyay
( Regd: FLAM0176DS)

Dr. Gunjan Virmani
( Regd: FLAM0173DS)

Dr. Sahil Saradna
( Regd: FLAM0172DS)

Dr. Shefali Chhabra
( Regd: FLAM0171DS)

Dr. Nani Agarwal
( Regd: FLAM0170DS)

Dr. Mrigyanka Mehra
( Regd: FLAM0169DS)

Dr. Akanksha Singh
( Regd: FLAM0168DS)

Dr. Ajitesh Prakash
( Regd: FLAM0167DS)

Dr. Gurmender Singh Arora
( Regd: FLAM0176DS)

Dr. Manisha Bhandari
( Regd: FLAM0165DS)

Dr. Gitika Chhabra
( Regd: FLAM0164DS)

Dr. MOHD Firoz
( Regd: FLAM0163DS)

Dr. Kumar Vaibhav
( Regd: FLAM0162DS)

Dr. Surbhi Sharma
( Regd: FLAM0161DS)

Dr. Kumar Abhishek
( Regd: FLAM0160DS)

Dr. Harshita Sharma
( Regd: FLAM0182DS)

Dr. Ashwin Charaniya
( Regd: FLAM0180DS)

Dr.Nitesh Prajapati
( Regd: FLAM0183DS)

Dr. Anuj Sharma
( Regd: FLAM0187DS)

Dr. Akshata Pandey
( Regd: FLAM0186DS)

Dr. Sushree Sovana
( Regd: FLAM0188DS)

Dr. Nidhi Kamra
( Regd: FLAM0189DS)

Dr. Gulshant Panesar
( Regd: FLAM0184DS)