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Face aesthetic dermatologist society is an organization that connects the best and experienced aesthetic surgeons and dermatologists to young fellow practitioners. Our past endeavour and hands-on workshop conference have been a massive success with expert dermatologists across the country.

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Welcome to FADS

Face aesthetic dermatologist society or FADS is an organization that encourages and promotes young dermatologists who are in aesthetic practices.

We believe that one-on-one interaction with the experts in the field helps keep knowledge about the latest technology up to date and motivates young practitioners to pursue fulfilling careers in aesthetics.

6 Years Professional Conferences & Workshop

We conduct a hands-on workshop every year in different cities attended by expert dermatologists across the country, which helps new practitioners gain knowledge, increase their connections, and develop a long-lasting relationship with FADS.
Join us now to stay connected and learn from the best dermatologists across the world.