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Face aesthetic dermatologist society is an organization that connects the best and experienced aesthetic surgeons and dermatologists to young fellow practitioners. Our past endeavour and hands-on workshop conference have been a massive success with expert dermatologists across the country.

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Board Members

Dr. H.K.Kar

Dr. Kaushal Verma

Dr. Yasmeen Bhatt

Dr. Ram Gulati

Dr. Dinesh Mathur

Dr. Atul M.Kochar

Dr. Manisha Nijhawan

Dr. S.N.Bhattacharya

Dr. Rajeev Saxena

Dr. Sanjeev Gulati

Dr. T. A. Rana

Dr. Ramanjit Singh

Dr Dinesh Mathur


Dr Kuldeep Singh

Dr Manoj Kumar

Dr. Shristi Shreshtha


Dr. Sukhbir Singh

Dr. Sanjeev Gulati

Dr. Gopi Krishina Maddalam